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Sierra Consulting Group is an information technology consulting firm.

We specialize in infrastructure management, technology integration, and workflow efficiency for K-12 educational institutions and small-to-medium-sized organizations in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

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The Best App for Elementary Students: Seesaw

If I had to pick only one app to download for a classroom of elementary students, it would be Seesaw. It has filled a gap in elementary education.  While older students and teachers of those students can use tools like Google Classroom, Edmodo, Schoolology etc., those are too complex for young students.  Seesaw is the […]

Keyboard Shortcuts You Cannot (and Should Not) Live Without!

While your trackpad or mouse is a necessary tool, few people realize how much time is wasted by using them when you could be using a keyboard shortcut.  Think about it.  If you want to copy and paste a word with your mouse/trackpad you have to highlight the word, then go up to the menu […]

Screencasting Makes Your Life Easier. Here’s How.

If you are a teacher or business leader who enjoys his or her sanity, I recommend utilizing screencasts as often as you can.  A screencast is a video recording of your computer screen.  Say you are teaching a lesson on one method of solving an addition problem.  Rather than just demonstrating the method once or […]


  • "SCG has been an incredible business partner working with and guiding our organization to successfully develop a technology infrastructure that continually takes our organization to the next level."
    Chris Georgas – Chief Operating Officer, The Kaleidoscope Group
  • "The team at Sierra Consulting Group is top notch: responsive, innovative and fun to work with."
    Katy Drake – Creative Director, Mammoth Lakes Creative
  • "Ray and his team make very complicated IT problems and solutions easy to understand and having someone on site to work through issues on a weekly basis has been really helpful."
    Barb Thayer – Executive Director, The Robert Crown Center for Health Education
  • "The Sierra team effectively serves as the CTO and IT Department at Bennett Day School...It has been wonderful having Sierra as a partner!" 
    Cameron Smith – Bennett Day School CEO & Co-Founder
  • "Coming from a school with 1:1 devices in our K-8th grade classrooms, it has been essential that we work with Sierra Consulting.  I highly recommend them!"
    Mrs. Williams – Assistant Principal, Chalmers Elementary